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Primeval Friendships ~ Connor and Abby

Connor Temple Fan Challenge ~ Day 8

Favorite Connor and Abby Moment

"Whatever we do we do together. That’s the deal."

I wish I had the words to do this moment justice because it just sums them up so perfectly. Even when they were just friends they protected each other, they had the others back, always. Within the ARC they fought together, in the Cretaceous they survived together and in the future they will face anything that comes at them, together.

Just as Connor refused to leave her at the cliff side, Abby refuses to leave him in the bunker.

State of Play premiere 2009

Hands down my favorite Pottsy outfit

  • Boots?….check
  • Waistcoat?…..check
  • Lovely, tight skinny jeans?…..check
  • UNFy attitude?……check


Random Pottsy Pic Post Day?

Oh yeah….I’m in :)

"I can take you any time I like."


Primeval: Series Two Cast

Last few gifs for tonight for technicolordragon

I honestly will never understand why tumblr likes some of my gifs and hates others :/

Will have to load the last few this way as tumblr refuses to cooperate.






Primeval ~ Series 5 Episode 6

gifs requested by technicolordragon :) 

*more to come*  :)

Cause all, all i see are let down faces looking back at me 

Everything I’ve ever wanted, All the lies I’ve ever told and the promises and hearts I’ve broken  

Oh I feel it now, I’m afraid it’s all for nothing